Lisa Finck is a singer/songwriter originally from Miami, Florida. She grew up around blues, rock, and classical music being heavily inspired by artists such as Elvis Presley, Queen, and Tchaikovsky. 

While attending school she participated in multiple opera competitions and found her love for classical music. While transitioning into high school at 15 years old Lisa started writing music mostly about other peoples stories rather than her own. She wanted to have others peoples voices heard but with her own twist. She draws inspiration from many different genres and doesn’t like to be tied down to one specifically. Her passion for telling stories comes from fantasies, real life occurrences, and especially movies or books. Lisa likes to stay true to her childlike imagination and loves to include melodies or words that help her remember about her childhood and being surrounded by her family. Lisa is diving into a different musical world for herself recently and is starting to incorporate her choral and opera background into her music.



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